How to transfer my Apple Music playlist to Spotify?

For many people, music is a central part of their lives. It’s what gets them through the day and can be used to make almost any situation better. Music has also become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in today’s society, with countless people streaming it from different services on all sorts of devices. However, switching between these systems can be time-consuming and expensive – not to mention that you’ll have to start your playlists over again if you switch platforms! Luckily, Musconv is always here to help if you need to transfer tracks from one system to another. 

Apple Music is a subscription-based music streaming service that was released on June 30, 2015. It has over 56 million songs in its library and is compatible with iOS devices, OS X computers, Android phones and tablets, Microsoft Windows PCs, Sonos speakers and AirPods wireless headphones. The service’s $4.99 monthly fee includes features such as personalized playlists curated by music experts (called “Connect”), the ability to follow your favorite artists and get updates when they release new tracks, and much, much more. 

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Spotify, called unquestionably the best by its over 300 000 000 fans, has so much to offer that you’ll wonder why anyone ever would want to leave it – specialized playlists, music discovery, impossibly tuned settings, a Free Plan, compatibility across the board, and miles and miles and miles of millions of tracks of very decent quality. 

So you thought you’d switch over? Good thinking. Musconv offers you the opportunity to get your music over from one system to another faster than you can open a can of Pepsi (plus loading time, obviously, but can do whatever in that time OFC). 

Here’s how. 

Go to

Follow the instructions 

State Apple Music as your source and Spotify as the destination

Enjoy the results!

Musconv is a new site for people who want to transfer their music from one streaming service to another. Musconv also has funny and useful know-how articles, guides that will help you get the undoubtedly best out of your experience with any music system under the sun. If you have any problems in the process, let us know. Ta!

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