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Spotify to test its Apple Watch App

Spotify starts to test its Apple watch application, however, the app still remains in its baby phase. The Beta testers of the Spotify iOS app could have gained access to the app and the functionality of the first version is limited to controlling the playbacks for now.

According to the recent media and press releases, it appears that the Spotify official will soon be releasing the Apple watch app. However, the app would not provide the much anticipated offline support which might have allowed the premium subscribers to sync songs to the apple watch.

In accession, it is also important that the app could act independently without an iPhone present nearby. In addition to this particular issue, we are also going to discuss how you could transfer Spotify Playlists to Amazon Music.

Spotify testing its new apple watch

According to a new Spotify promo video, it has been found that the Spotify is soon going to release its Apple watch app and its performance is at present confined to control the playlists.

Also, the app will not have any offline support and it won’t be able to act without an iPhone nearby. Still, a Spotify Apple watch app was long overdue and that wait is going to end at last for good.

The developers have promised that the an update will be released shortly that will allow the app to function independently and there will be offline supports available.

How to transfer Spotify Playlists to Amazon Music

Despite hundreds of enticing options in Spotify Music, if you want to shift in to Amazon Music from Spotify, you will be in need of a tool called MusConv, an efficient kit to migrate all of your music and playlists effortlessly.

However, there are very few tools available to transfer music and playlist from one music streaming provider to another, yet MusConv should be considered as the best among all of them, as it is super easy to work with, comes in with a handy user interface and the toolkit is extremely lightweight and lightning fast.

To transfer Spotify playlist to Amazon Music, all you need to do is to perform four simple steps and here are those.

  • At first select the source from the top left of MusConv User Interface
  • Then, log in to your music streaming platform using your credentials and select the songs and playlists you would want to transfer
  • Then select the source and log in to the source using your credentials
  • Hit the transfer button.

Now, just, wait a little bit for the transportation, the lightning fast MusConv is capable of performing a quick migration in a few seconds.

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