How To Unblock YouTube

YouTube is the most beloved video service for many hundreds of millions of users around the world. This video hosting service has not only become a platform on which users post their videos, it has become a way to make money on the Internet. Those who earn professionally on this platform are called YouTubers. But even this almost perfect service can sometimes not work due to some problems.

YouTube may be blocked in a specific country whose government has deemed its video content to be a threat to its national security. Do not think, as it turned out, there are enough such countries on our planet.

But what to do? Use a VPN. This is probably the most reliable way to unblock YouTube, whether you’re in a lockout country or just in a harsh office environment. However, while there are several VPNs on the market (some free), not all of them will work. When looking for a VPN to unblock YouTube, the following should be considered:

• Unblocks YouTube videos worldwide.

• Anonymizes and encrypts traffic. This will protect you from corporate and government oversight.

• It offers high-speed connections that allow you to stream HD YouTube videos without delay.

The second way is to add S to the HTTP connection. This is a simple trick and usually works when you want to access YouTube from your school or university. Most school networks block social networking sites by manually entering their URLs into web monitoring programs, allowing them to block individual addresses as well as groups of websites. Usually, the network administrator of a school or university lists web pages using “http://” when entering URLs in the blocked list. To bypass the restrictions of blocked websites, you can use “https://” instead of “http://”. If your school network administrator has manually entered website URLs, chances are good that you will be able to unblock YouTube with this hack. This method does not work in countries where YouTube is restricted, but only on certain networks.

Do a web search and you’ll find plenty of YouTube proxy sites. They will help you to play blocked videos from this portal.

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A proxy is a special server, when connected to which all traffic passes through this server. This fundamentally changes your location, which can be useful when using the Internet at a school or government building. By simply changing the proxy server, you can connect to a nearby server that does not have these restrictions.

However, the proxy does not encrypt your traffic. Therefore, if you watch YouTube on a school network, network administrators can track your activities and block the proxy server you are using.

Not only the administrator of the school network can track your activities. If you access YouTube from home, your ISP will be able to track all of your activities.

Data collection is a lucrative business, and the companies that collect this data use it to serve targeted ads. In addition, these proxies can hide spyware and transfer more data than you want to reveal.

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