How To Unregister Apple Music After Trial Period?

Today is the high point for music streaming services, which have become the main sources of music broadcast in 80% of cases. If five years ago music was distributed mainly through physical media, today music streaming has conquered the world.

There is a high degree of competition among music streaming services. But, as you know, competition is the engine of progress. Therefore, streaming platforms are trying to bring technological innovations and various innovations into their work as much as possible.

Apple Music is one of the world’s top music streaming names, second only to the established Swedish music streaming service Spotify.

Apple Music is a music distribution service that you can listen to, with over 90 million songs. If you use Apple products such as iPhone, iPad and Mac, you can easily sync music between devices in the cloud without worrying about connecting cables, making it easy to use.

Apple Music is perfectly compatible with Apple products as the app is natively installed on iPhone and iPad.

If you use iCloud Music Library, you can listen to songs imported from CDs via the cloud without connecting your computer and smartphone.

In addition, many songs with high-quality sound such as lossless sound and spatial sound are distributed, and there is no doubt that you can enjoy a rich music experience one rank higher.

Apple Music has a free trial period that you can try for free for the first three months after signing up. The application method is the same as the regular Apple Music registration method.

However, this free trial period does not apply in all countries where Apple Music operates. Three months is more of a standard free trial period. In some countries, new users are offered only one month of free trial. And in other countries, promotions are regularly held to attract new subscribers to the streaming service. In this case, a new user can get six months of free trial.

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Some people worry that they will be charged when they cancel their membership because they became a member, but that’s okay. You can only use it during the free trial period and you can cancel it for free.

When the free period ends, the contract will automatically renew and $9.99 will be paid every month (in the case of an individual plan).

To stop auto-billing, simply click “Unenroll” on the Apple ID management screen to prevent auto-billing after the free period ends. If you cancel your subscription during the trial period, you will not be able to use it immediately after cancellation.

You can check the trial end date by clicking “Sign up” on the Apple ID management screen. However, you can try Apple Music for free for typically three months from your signup date, and you can be sure you’ll be upgraded to a paid plan on your signup date next month.

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