How To Update Playlist Of The Day In Spotify?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify never ceases to delight its users by introducing more and more options that allow you to listen to streaming music more comfortably.

But sometimes it happens that some functions fail and stop working. There can be many reasons, but you need to find the one that caused the system to fail.

The streaming service already has quite a lot of users, and new members of the platform sometimes ask this question: how to update the playlist of the day in Spotify? And it should be noted that such collections are very popular, because they include the most favorite tracks of the account owner, as well as special recommendations from algorithms.

For example, new compositions that were not there before get into the mix every day. But if Spotify is not updating playlists at all, then there are different ways to solve the problem.


And to understand the essence, we note that the playlist of the day in Spotify is a daily selection of tracks, which includes your favorite songs, as well as a few recommendations from the service itself. For example, special algorithms analyze taste preferences, and then offer to listen to the music of the most popular genre. As a rule, the system works correctly, and sometimes users can update their usual music list.

But how do you update playlists in Spotify? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change tracks manually, because you’ll have to wait until the end of the day to do so.

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In general, all updated playlists in Spotify are located on the main page of the application. These include Mix of the Day, New Radar, and Discoveries of the Week. For example, the first selection is updated daily, and there is no way to speed up this process (even changing the time on the device does not help).

Often the problem is episodic, when old tracks (those that you listened to yesterday) are simply added to each daily selection. And to correct the situation, we propose to perform the following actions:

  • Removing the cache. Over time, the number of data files increases, which can lead to minor problems. But removing the error is quite easy by going to the service settings and opening the “Storage” tab. There you need to select “Clear cache”, and then confirm the procedure.
  • Using a browser instead of an application. If it was not possible to solve the problem with the previous method, we recommend that you temporarily listen to music through the web version of the Spotify service. Firstly, it will help the system work more correctly. And secondly, with a high degree of probability, it will fix the error with updating the playlist of the day.

Now you know how you can update Spotify playlists in different ways. Practice shows that in most cases a simple cache clearing is sufficient. But if nothing helped, then you can contact the technical support of the service – they will recommend another option for troubleshooting.

Thus, we looked at how often playlists are updated in Spotify and whether it is possible to speed up this process. Yes, unforeseen problems may occur from time to time, but they are easily solved by deleting temporary files (cache). As a rule, a few simple and user-friendly actions are enough to bring the system into full order.

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