How To Upload A Track To Spotify

It is hardly worth introducing the Swedish music streaming service Spotify to music lovers. It is not only the world leader in the streaming market, but also the leader in the sympathy of artists who have been successfully and for a long time using this streaming platform for profit.

You can share the track on the platform yourself. To do this, you need to log into your account in the application on Spotify and click the green button with a plus sign “Add”. However, many artists use distributors who post content for them. Spotify offers a list of preferred distributors, including CD Baby, DistroKid, EmuBands, and Orchard. Each partner brings new music to Spotify daily.

Digital music service Spotify has created a convenient personal account for artists in its specialized application Spotify for Artists. To gain access to the cabinet, you need to go through the registration procedure. The artist registers on the service as a user, indicating his pseudonym as a login, adds an email address and confirms his identity by adding his website or a link to a social network. In the artist’s office, you can view statistics, as well as track auditions in real time. Many musicians perceive Spotify not only as a platform for listening to music, but also as a social network.

A track uploaded to Spotify before the release date may be submitted for Pitching. So the musician has the opportunity to get into curated playlists. Curators, after consideration, select those tracks that, in their opinion, can become hits tomorrow. Contacting the curators is quite simple: the platform shows all the necessary information in the playlist itself. So, by going to your profile on Spotify, you can go to the social networks of the curator.

You can send each new track for consideration, you need to do this a month before the intended release, or at least three weeks in advance. But if an artist uses a distributor who puts out a track in a couple of days, the curators won’t have time to think.

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Spotify has the ability to share creativity with your Instagram followers. To do this, select a track, go to the “Menu” and click “Share”. The “Instagram Stories” option will appear, which will redirect the story creation screen. So the performer can increase the number of his auditions.

Now musicians have the opportunity to collect donations from fans using the Artist Fundraising Pick feature. The artist will receive all received funds to an electronic wallet.

Becoming an artist on Spotify is easy. It is better to upload tracks with the help of a distributor – this simplifies the work with the platform. The list of Spotify distributors is provided on the official website.

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