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How To Upload Music To Spotify: A Simple Guide

In a world where music streaming platforms offer an ocean of choices, many secretly yearn for the simplicity of having Spotify as their sole music sanctuary. The allure of unofficial remixes and obscure tunes from lesser-known artists on alternative platforms often holds them back. Fear not, fellow music enthusiasts, for a solution lies in the art of manual uploads.

One must first gather the tunes absent from the mainstream platforms. It’s a simple download away. Next, designate a specific folder on your device to sync with Spotify. You can even curate an entire library from various folders on your computer – no complications there.

Adding a personal touch to your tunes is just as essential. Manually include album covers using various tag-editing programs available for both Windows and macOS. For the aesthetes among us, entering the track title, artist, and album should suffice.

With your customized music library in hand, it’s time to integrate it into the Spotify application on your computer. Navigate to your username in the top-right corner, proceed to ‘Settings,’ and a bit lower, you’ll find ‘Show Device Files.’ Add the folder containing all your prepared tracks here.

Locating your files on the device is the next step. Head over to ‘My Library,’ and there you’ll find the ‘Device Files’ tile. Now, move them either to an existing playlist or a new one – the distinction is crucial. With that, your computer’s involvement concludes. Your media library now syncs seamlessly across devices, ensuring your music is always at your fingertips on your iPhone or Android device.

While this method may not be the most elegant way to transfer your library, alas, no other options are on the horizon. Bid farewell to the agony of unavailable tracks on platforms or the constraints of background listening. It’s worth noting; this guide exclusively caters to Spotify subscribers. Alas, the free version of the service won’t grant you this privilege.

As for supported devices, you can add music to your library from a Windows or macOS device, and it syncs effortlessly with the applications on Android, iOS, and iPadOS. The beauty of music knows no bounds, and neither should your access to it.

Five Key Takeaways for Seamless Music Uploads on Spotify:

  1. Curate Your Library: Download the music that’s missing from mainstream platforms, creating a collection that resonates with your musical taste.
  2. Organize Folders: Sync a designated folder on your device with Spotify, simplifying the process of manual uploads and ensuring your music is always within reach.
  3. Add Personal Touch: Customize your tunes by manually adding album covers using available tag-editing programs. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your music library.
  4. Integrate with Spotify: Navigate to ‘Settings’ in the Spotify application on your computer, select ‘Show Device Files,’ and add the folder containing your curated tracks.
  5. Device Files Management: Locate your files in ‘My Library,’ under the ‘Device Files’ tile, and transfer them to existing or new playlists for easy access.

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Bonus Tip: This method works exclusively for Spotify subscribers; free service users won’t enjoy this luxury.

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