How to upload music to YouTube Music

Google continues to add new features to the YouTube Music service, which are well known for Google Play Music, which was officially closed on December 3 last year. In particular, many users were already able to take advantage of the new features of the service – they had the opportunity to upload their own tracks to YouTube Music.

If you use YouTube Music for free and have a playlist with the same music you downloaded, you can now download these songs separately or a whole playlist to a playback device without connecting to the network. Previously, downloading tracks to a device and playing without a network connection in YouTube Music was available only to users of a paid YouTube Premium subscription.

Нow to upload music to YouTube Music

YouTube Music allows you to download your own music only through your computer’s web browser. To start, you need to go to the site and sign in to the service, for example, through a Google account. Then click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and select «Download music from the menu». The archive appears in the opened window. You must go to the music folder and select the files you want to download. After selecting the desired files, click the Open icon.

At the end of this activity, you can view the downloaded files in the library and listen to the downloaded music. This can already be done both on the computer and through the application on any mobile gadget.

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In countries where copyright is protected by law, there are special agencies that register and register authors and their works, as well as monitor the situation in this matter. Usually, on the websites of such organizations there is a register of musical (and other type of intellectual property) works protected by law with information about the author and the copyright holder.

The optimal method of transfer will be the use of a specialized MusConv service. Its interface is intuitive and simple, the service provides high speed and work with many music streaming services. This platform can be considered one of the best in segment.

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