How to upload songs to Spotify

Spotify application is considered to be one of the most popular streaming services in the world. It has millions of songs and gives a lot of opportunities to its visitors.

how to upload music Spotify

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However, some users still haven’t discovered the full potential of this incredible platform. The only thing they know about it is that Spotify allows them to listen to and download their favorite songs. However, it has a lot of other interesting functions. Which additional things can the platform offer its users?

Every time Spotify tries to surprise its users with new unusual features and provide different services at the highest level. Also, it really succeeds in it. Do you want to get proof? Just follow the general knowledge.

Spotify application allows not only standard downloading songs. It is possible to get access to original and even rare music content. Sounds curious, isn’t it? However, it’s absolute truth. This platform provides such a unique easy-to-use function.

Let’s figure out how to upload songs to Spotify together.

To begin with, you should sign in to your Spotify account. After that, you have to do the following steps:

  • find the button “Settings” in the main menu, which is located near your username;
    • select the menu item “Local files”;
    • click the button  “Add a Source” and choose folders that contain necessary audio files.

That’s all. As soon as you pass all steps, you will be able to add your music to playlists or create new ones.  

The process is really simple. However, it has some disadvantages. 

First, you can upload music via a desktop app only, and it is available on PC for free.

Also, you must be a premium subscriber in order to upload tunes to Spotify.

Despite all drawbacks described above, Spotify is a really great service that brings joy to people. It provides customers a great variety of music content that can be listened to anywhere and anytime.

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Moreover, all songs from the Spotify app can be transported to another platform via the convenient and easy program MusConv. Haven’t heard about it? It a useful service that can help you to transfer music content within minutes. Explore the features of the service and enjoy your favorite tunes without any challenge.