How To Upload You Music To YouTube Music?

If you have been thinking about posting some of your songs on Youtube for a long time, but Google, which knows the strict copyright rules that apply to the popular portal, wants to know more about the conditions under which this can be performed.

Use Google’s helpful system: send songs to the cloud on YouTube Music, then listen to them on other devices. or by posting a video containing the music on classic YouTube with special emphasis on the copyright of the song being used.

Youtube Music is a service that streams music, albums, songs, playlists and all other types of music content on YouTube, either for free (with ads) or as a paid subscription (starting at $9.99).

YouTube Music requires a Google account and can be accessed from a computer, the service’s web portal, or a dedicated app via a mobile phone or tablet. Among the many benefits, this service allows you to download personal music directly from your computer to all devices connected to one account (including mobile phones, tablets, and so on). The download feature is free and does not require a premium subscription plan.

If you are using a computer, press the Internet button connected to the YouTube Music homepage through the browser you usually use to view. Sign in to your Google account using the login form provided. Perform two-factor authentication if necessary.

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After logging in, click on your avatar at the top right (if you do not set the icon, you will find a person), select “Download music”, and you will see it in the OSD menu above the file search. If you are using the service for the first time, click on the “Agree” button, accept the terms of use.

When the download is finished, click the “Completed” item to continue using YouTube music, or click “Go to Collection”, you can view the downloaded collection of songs, which can be accessed by clicking the tabs and dragging the drop-down menu under the “Place” option.

The system still does not allow the YouTube apps to download music for phones and tablets, but the “mobile” web service does not support this action and returns an error after attempting to download. However, you can still access personal music downloaded to your computer.

There are many free sound effects in your YouTube archive that you can use in your video: go to this section to see the list. Click on the “YouTube Audio Collection” tab and place it on “Sound Effects”. The dynamics of activity is the same as for free songs.

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