How To Use Amazon Music Free?

One of the world’s most popular music streaming services, Amazon Music includes a 30-day free trial such as Amazon Music Unlimite and Amazon Music Prime, as well as a completely free version called Amazon Music Free.

While there are limitations such as the inability to select and play songs, and the inability to use offline, podcast playback, and text display features, otherwise the free version can fully meet the needs of the average streaming music lover.

Disadvantages of Amazon Music Free:

  • Limited number of passes. You can skip up to 6 times per hour. You can switch playlists and stations to listen to different ones, so if there are a lot of songs you don’t want to listen to, try changing the playlist or station.
  • It is not possible to listen to music offline. Stations and playlists cannot be downloaded and communication is always required during playback. Please try to listen as much as possible in a Wi-Fi environment as it will require a lot of data.
  • You cannot jump to any place in a song that is playing. Amazon Music Free can only play playlists or stations prepared by Amazon, and you cannot select and listen to songs. Simply put, it is the same as broadcasting.
  • Songs cannot be selected and played, only random playback.
  • You cannot create your own playlist. You can listen to playlists prepared by Amazon Music, but you cannot create playlists by collecting songs yourself.
  • Advertisements appear. Ads are shown right after you select the music you want to listen to. Ads can be temporarily disabled by clicking [x], but the display of ads cannot be disabled.

Compared to other music streaming services, Amazon Music has more music distributions and Alexa compatibility.

Amazon Music Free is a completely free music distribution service. While there are limitations such as not being able to select and listen to your favorite songs and not being able to play offline, the point is that it supports podcasts and Alexa just like other Amazon Music services. This service was launched in May 2020.

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The service automatically selects and plays music content according to the user’s preferences. There’s also an Amazon Music-prepared playlist that matches genres, ages, and moods. The musical genres are varied and include most of the artists that have become a hot topic in the music world. You can’t search for a specific song to listen to, but if it’s popular, you can listen to the latest song in “Station” or “Playlist”.

Amazon Music Free can be viewed by installing the dedicated Amazon Music app on your smartphone or tablet. From your computer, you can either install a dedicated PC application or listen through a browser.

You can also play music on your TV with a Fire TV Stick, which can create a viewing environment by inserting it into your TV. In addition, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to the speaker to turn up the volume, or connect it to your car to listen to music in the car.

Amazon Music Unlimited Student Plan is a discounted plan for students studying at universities, graduate schools, junior colleges, vocational schools, and technical colleges. Enrollment as a member of a student plan requires proof of student enrollment. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with the limitations of the free version and you are a student, then you can subscribe for half the price of this music streaming service.

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