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How To Use Spotify Abroad?

A modern music lover spends a lot of time with their favorite music today, even when they are not at home, for example, when traveling abroad for business or leisure. To ensure that music enthusiasts don’t encounter any unpleasant surprises, it is important to prepare carefully for such adventures.

Here are a few tips for Spotify platform users to help them stay connected to their favorite music service even when abroad:

  • Before leaving home and preparing for your trip, make sure Spotify is available in the country you are traveling to. While it is accessible in many countries, there are a few exceptions due to licensing restrictions. This should be your first step as the following actions will depend on this outcome.
  • If possible, take advantage of the option to download your favorite music. This applies not only to playlists but also to podcasts or individual tracks. This way, you can access them in offline mode. You will be able to enjoy your music not only without access to Spotify but also without an internet connection. Simply open Spotify, navigate to the desired content, and click the “Download” button. This way, your music will be saved on your device.
  • Enable Spotify’s offline mode before traveling to another country to save mobile data abroad. Access the Spotify settings and turn on the “Offline Mode” option. This prevents Spotify from using your mobile data for streaming music.
  • Consider using a VPN, but carefully evaluate all the risks involved. Spotify does not officially support this method, although many users successfully use it. The choice is yours. Just remember that a VPN gives the impression that you are browsing the internet from another location. Therefore, if Spotify is not available in the country you are visiting, you can try using a VPN service. To do this, install a reliable VPN app, connect to a server in a country where Spotify is available, and then launch Spotify.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible to avoid excessive data charges. Many hotels, cafes, and public places offer free Wi-Fi.
  • It can be helpful to familiarize yourself with local SIM cards or data plans. If you are staying abroad for an extended period, it may be cost-effective to purchase a local SIM card or data plan. This will provide you with a local phone number and allow you to access mobile data at more affordable rates. You can use local data for streaming Spotify without relying solely on Wi-Fi.

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Keep in mind that if you are using a free Spotify account, there will be certain limitations, such as playback in shuffle mode only and advertisements. Upgrading to Spotify Premium removes these restrictions and provides a better overall experience both online and offline.

Don’t forget to check the availability and functionality of Spotify in the country you are visiting, as these details may change. It is recommended to visit the official Spotify website or contact their support service for the most up-to-date information on using Spotify abroad.

We hope your journey goes smoothly, and you won’t encounter any unpleasant surprises when you want to relax and immerse yourself in the melodic world of your favorite music.

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