How To Use Spotify Offline?

Spotify offline is a feature designed for Premium plan users. According to the streaming service, you can try it for 30 days for free, and students get 50% off their monthly subscription. However, once you pay for a Spotify subscription, you’ll get rid of the ads and be able to download music and podcasts for offline listening.

You can download entire albums, tracks and podcasts to the app and listen to them all without an internet connection. Spotify claims that you can download up to 3333 songs on one device – and up to three different ones (on desktop, smart TV, mobile phone and tablet).

In the desktop version (laptops), you can activate the “Download” option to the right of any playlist. You can also enable this option for all songs in Your Library.

Unfortunately, in Spotify, it’s not possible to download entire albums or podcasts to the desktop app – note that this is not a web player. When the download is complete, a Download symbol will appear next to the playlist name. Whenever you don’t have an internet connection or the app is offline, you can still listen to what you have downloaded.

On mobile, you can take the app offline to save data (even when you’re connected) or listen when there’s no Wi-Fi nearby. Even if there is mobile Internet, then you can save Internet traffic in this way.

You will be able to listen to downloaded songs or podcasts whenever you lose your internet connection, but you can manually take your phone offline if you wish. For this:

  1. Click on “Your Library”;
  2. Click “Settings”;
  3. Click “Playback” and turn on the “Offline Mode” option.

Spotify will show you a countdown of the days you need to reconnect in order to update your download data. You can allow downloads using your mobile data connection (3G or 4G). It is disabled by default.

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Maybe some people are having problems when trying to use Spotify Offline. Check the details below if you can’t download or listen to the songs:

  1. Make sure the laptop or PC is not in hibernation (sleep) mode;
  2. Check if there is free space in the device’s memory (at least 1 GB);
  3. Music and podcasts can be downloaded to up to three devices (see Manage active offline devices and check for TVs, phones and PCs);
  4. A maximum of 3333 songs can be downloaded to one device. If you get an error message limit reached, try deleting some of your downloads;
  5. You must have an active Premium subscription. Check the status of your subscription;
  6. Your account must be used online at least once every 30 days.

There is also a possibility that Spotify will disappear along with your downloads. If you use this music streaming app correctly, then there should be no problems with offline mode. But if they occur, then first of all, clear the application cache. If this does not help, then log out on all devices, and then log in again. Remember to save your username and password as you will need them the next time you log in.

If nothing helps, then just reinstall the application. In this case, your playlists and music selections will be automatically saved.

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