How To Use Spotify Premium Free?

The premium version of the popular music streaming service Spotify provides its subscribers with many benefits. They will not be subject to the restrictions of the free version, which forces them to listen to constant ads and not be able to listen to songs offline by downloading them.

These are not all the limitations of the free version that its users are forced to put up with. The Spotify music streaming service is free to use. However, the free version is limited compared to Spotify Premium, especially on mobile devices.

But is it possible to use the Premium version for free or at least save a lot on paying for it? It turns out you can. But let’s say right away that there is no completely legal way to get the Premium version for free forever.

You can use Spotify Premium for free, at least temporarily. So, let’s look at the main methods.

  • You can try Spotify Premium for 30 days for free.
  • You can provide a longer free trial with partner offers.
  • You should beware of dubious offers on the Internet.

If you are new to Spotify, you can test Spotify Premium once or for 30 days for free. It doesn’t matter if you use the test phase immediately after registration or after a few days, weeks or even months. Occasionally, Spotify and partners also offer extended free trials.

You can get a much longer period of free Spotify by taking part in the promotion that the Swedish music streaming platform periodically runs in different countries for its new subscribers. In this case, you can get three or even six months of free use of the Premium version of Spotify. You need to choose the right country.

To choose the right country when participating in the promotion for new subscribers, use the VPN service, which will help you change your location virtually.

Note. Please note that you usually cannot use the advanced testing phase if you have already tested Spotify Premium. Also, don’t forget to cancel Spotify Premium well in advance of the end of the free period. Your account will then be automatically upgraded to the free plan.

Can you create a new account and try Spotify Premium again for free? In theory, you can use the free trial period multiple times by signing up for Spotify with different details. However, you always lose all your playlists or have to transfer them to a new account. In addition, such behavior may violate the terms of use of the provider, which may result in, among other things, suspension of your account.

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Regular Spotify Premium costs €9.99 per month and thus almost €120 per year. Amazon currently offers an annual subscription for €99. You don’t get Spotify Premium for free, but it’s a lot cheaper. This is another effective way to save money on a paid subscription to a streaming service.

If you search the web for ways to use Spotify Premium for free, you will quickly find several download suggestions for Android users. You must download the APK file from here and then you can use Spotify Premium for free.

But be careful. There is a high possibility that these are manipulated Spotify apps that cybercriminals have provided through malware or trojans. So don’t install it. Similar scams have already taken place for many other popular apps. If you have already installed the app, uninstall it immediately and scan your Android phone for viruses.

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