How to use Spotify to share liked songs?

Music is a universal language. It transcends boundaries and unites people. This is why it’s so important to share your music with friends – the more you have, the merrier! 

Spotify is a (mostly) free, ad-supported music streaming service that provides online access to most of the world’s music. 

The website offers many great features such as radio stations, recommendations for new artists, and the ability to listen to any song in your library from anywhere on Earth. It’s easy! Just go online at or download the app onto your phone. The internet has opened up new doors for listeners with sites like where you can share your favorite songs with friends and family.

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The program can be used as an interactive jukebox and for playing individual tracks from your own collection. But did you know that Spotify also lets you share your favorite songs with friends? Here’ what to do:

  • Choose “Liked Songs” 
  • Press Ctrl (or CMD for Macs) and A 
  • Drag the songs to a new playlist.

Your friends can now subscribe to your playlist so you can share the music with them. 

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