How To Verify Student Status On Apple Music?

Students at universities, colleges and vocational schools can receive a student discount when they subscribe to the popular American music streaming service Apple Music.

By taking advantage of this discount, students can save significantly on their Apple Music subscription. If the cost of an individual tariff plan is $10.99 per month, then students pay almost half as much – $5.99 per month.

Some people may want to apply for the Apple Music Student Plan before enrolling, but the Apple Music Student Plan requires students to still be studying, so students who plan to enroll but are in fact only applicants cannot apply.

Even if your e-mail address was sent before registration, when you enter it, you may receive a message that it is already in use.

Your Apple Music subscription automatically converts to an Individual Plan when you stop being a student or use your maximum 48-month student plan. Please note that at some point you may upgrade to an individual plan and the monthly fee may double.

In addition, when Apple Music asks for registration confirmation, if you do not complete the verification process, you will automatically be transferred to an individual plan. If you still have 48 months, you can re-enroll in a student plan. Please note that if you upgrade to a personal plan, you won’t be able to use Apple TV+.

You will need to renew your student status every year. If you left a university, college, or vocational school for some reason, you will not receive confirmation, so you will either have to upgrade to an individual plan or cancel Apple Music services.

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It should be said that not only Apple Music has a student tariff plan. It is in the functionality of most of the world’s leading streaming services.

For example, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify has both paid and free plans. Free plans may contain ads or have fewer features than paid plans.

Usually, free music services often fail to listen to full songs, but Spotify can play full music even on the free plan. You can also play in the background so you can fully enjoy it even for free.

University students, students of vocational schools, students of technical colleges, etc. can apply. Please note that high school and junior high school students cannot apply for a student plan.

You’ll need your school’s email address or student ID when you apply, so have those ready.

Apple Music isn’t the only music service offering student discounts, so find the service that’s right for you based on the characteristics of each. You can get a student discount on almost any music streaming service. But it is Apple Music that offers a lot of functionality and a lot of possibilities. Recall that the Student Plan in its functions is practically no different from the individual tariff, which is used by the majority of subscribers.

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