How To Verify Student Status On Spotify?

The student plan offers a significant discount when using the paid version of the Swedish music streaming service Spotify. If you’re a student, then Spotify has a plan that allows you to use the Premium version for just €4.99 per month, up from the regular price of €9.99.

The Spotify Student Subscription is a special subscription plan designed for college students. It was created for young people who are fond of music, but cannot yet afford to pay the full cost of the tariff plan.

Spotify Student Subscription is a subscription plan that offers a 50% discount for young people who have confirmed their studies at a higher education institution. The purchased tariff plan can be issued for 12 months, but the maximum validity period is limited to four years.

But everything is simple when receiving a student discount for a subscription only in words. In fact, you will need to confirm your student status in as much detail as possible with the help of documents. Spotify will not believe your word and will not give you a discount. Unlike other tariff plans, here the algorithm of actions is slightly different. Before connecting the tariff of interest, students need to take a number of preparatory steps.

As noted, the Spotify student premium is available only after enrolling in one of the accredited universities and confirming this fact.

Fill in the required fields when applying for a student subscription – first and last name, mailbox address, country, name of the higher education institution and your phone number.

Next, you need to take a photo of the document confirming your training. Student card, record book, tuition payment receipt, enrollment order.

Now it remains to wait for an SMS notification about the completion of registration. Usually it comes immediately or just a few minutes after registration.

Once confirmation is received, you can move on to the next question – how to get a Spotify student subscription. The same principle applies here as for other tariff plans. Connection is available via PC or phone.

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In the future, documents confirming enrollment in a higher educational institution may be required. After the first year of use, you can renew your plan or cancel your subscription. Please note that Spotify Student Premium is valid for a maximum of four years. The system also puts restrictions on the association of Premium for students or for families.

As noted earlier, the Spotify student discount is subject to proof of enrollment. After uploading documents confirming enrollment, you must wait for a letter from SheerID. It should contain confirmation of information about the status of the user. It may take up to three to five days to receive a response. There are situations when the university was on the list, but later it was removed. This may be due to the data being adjusted after the transition to SheerID. In this case, the educational institution must be added to the list. Otherwise, the Spotify student subscription will not be available.

By the way, it should be noted that the discount is available even when studying abroad. The main condition is that the educational institution be on the approved list and pass the test. At the same time, the location of the university and the country indicated in the student profile must match.

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