How To Verify Student Status When Subscribing To Spotify?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify offers its users a wide range of data plan options and a completely free version. The student tariff plan is notable for its low cost, but it is available only to those who can actually confirm their student status with the help of documents. After all, in words, anyone can declare that he is a student.

A user who has subscribed to a student subscription to the Premium of the music streaming service Spotify can view all the data about it by going to their account.

In your account, you need to go down and stop at “My plan”. By going to this page, you can see all the necessary information:

• find out the features of the Premium tariff plan;

• view the cost of the tariff;

• find out when the funds were debited from the account the last time and the date when the subscription should be renewed and, accordingly, the next debiting of funds.

If desired, the subscriber can change the variant of the tariff plan. You can also update your payment data and check the relevance of the current ones. When you use it for free, you have access to the entire media library, the tracks are played in high quality with a bitrate of 320 kbps, but the rest of the benefits, which are many in Spotify, are not available.

The paid version of the Premium subscription has four options, one of which is student. Its subscription fee is half that of a standard individual subscription. It should be noted that the service set dumping prices for many economically undeveloped countries, which are much lower than for users from Western Europe, the USA or, for example, Australia, and a free trial is used for the first month.

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But when registering a student subscription, you will need to confirm your status. First, you need to fill out a short form, in which you indicate basic information about yourself and the details of your student card. For confirmation, you need to provide a scanned copy of the training contract and, for example, a record book.

The platform checks the student’s status, as a rule, within 24 hours, using a special verification service. Further, a letter is sent to the subscriber’s email with all the necessary information and a subscription confirmation code.

The last stage in the registration of a student premium subscription is to link a bank card or confirm another payment method.

Student subscription renews annually. Each subsequent renewal will require confirmation of your student status. The maximum period of validity of a student subscription (with periodic renewal) is four years. It is assumed that during this period the student must graduate from an educational institution and become a young specialist, whose income will be significantly higher than that of the student.

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