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Hulu VS Netflix

If we compare these two streaming video services, then we can talk about the comparison of the two main players in the global video market. Each of these streaming services has the right to be called a leader.

Both Hulu and Netflix don’t have new movies and focus on past masterpieces and current movies. Perhaps due to Netflix’s focus on its own original films, the lineup of mainstream movies seems a bit weak.

Probably the strongest points are Hulu Premieres, which airs popular dramas and TV series for the first time, and the FOX channel, where you can watch foreign dramas aired in the United States in real time from anywhere in the world with free internet access.

Hulu’s highest image quality is Full HD. The standard Netflix plan is also Full HD. The Netflix Standard Plan and Hulu have roughly the same specs, so the picture quality is the same.

Video with UHD4K image quality is still not enough, and if your TV does not support 4K, you will not be able to watch the image in 4K quality. So, as of 2022, Full HD image quality is still the main component of high image quality.

Hulu can only be viewed on one device at a time. Netflix varies depending on the plan, but you can watch it at the same time as the standard plan and above. If you share a video distribution service with your family and watch different videos at the same time, it is more convenient to have two or more devices to watch at the same time.

Hulu multi-profiles are like accounts that can be managed separately offline. This is a feature that allows you to manage your browsing history and favorite videos by profile when you share Hulu with your family. The streaming service allows you to create up to six offline accounts under a family plan.

Hulu is easy to set up. Hulu has had kid profiles since its inception. Also, even if you add a new profile, if it is determined that you are 11 years old or younger by entering your date of birth, it will automatically become a child profile.

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On Netflix, you can select a child profile when creating a profile and set viewing restrictions in four levels.

  1. Only for preschoolers
  2. For elementary school students
  3. For middle and high school students
  4. Everyone, including adults

Videos that can be viewed on a Child Profile are generally suitable for children under the age of 11. For example, television animations, animated films, special effects, animals, songs and dances.

If you can’t decide between Hulu and Netflix, you can use both streaming video services. The biggest difference between Hulu and Netflix is the video lineup. In terms of functionality, there isn’t much of a difference, so if you’re wondering which one is better, it’s easier to decide by looking at the differences in the video lineup.

Hulu and Netflix have free trials, so use them wisely to see if they’re good or bad. They say it’s cheaper than watching one movie at the cinema.

Choosing the best video streaming service for you should be based on personal preferences and tastes. Therefore, it is better to try each of them once than to hear impressions from someone else many times.

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