iCloud Music

There are two main types of people in the sphere of electronic devices – iOS fans and Android followers. Being the first group member, you should know what iCloud Music means. But, being an Android user, you may think about changing your device, so, this article will be useful for you as it will introduce you to the concept of this incredible app.

iCloud Music

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iCloud Music is a special music storage service. It allows users to get different tunes and download their music libraries from Apple Music. Moreover, by using it, you get the great opportunity to open Apple Music and iTunes Match services at any time on any device.

Thanks to its useful features, the service has become one of the favorite ones among iOS followers. However, if you are planning to use it, you should know that it’s paid one. Ready to pay for it? If yes, it is possible to buy the $9,99 package of services from Apple Music or pay $25 once a year to get the membership of iTunes Match.

By paying, you receive the opportunity to download up to 100,000 tunes to up to 10 devices. However, keep in mind that one song shouldn’t be longer than 2 hours and larger than 200 MB.

Moreover, the library of this useful service has one more interesting feature. It replaces low-quality songs automatically.

iCloud Library is a great service that worries about the quality of your tunes. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, it’s true, and if you want to try it, you just need to do 2 easy steps:

  • Choose a subscription to Apple Music or iTunes Match;
  • Enable IM Library on your iPhone or Mac device.

That’s all. Such an easy process guarantees clear results.

However, do you know which service can bring you just as good results as iCloud Music Library? It’s MusConv, a special application that can move playlists, albums, and other significant musical content between Apple Music, iTunes, Sound Cloud, and other 50+ music platforms. Having access to such a great variety of services, it won’t be a problem to help transfer tunes for any user.

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Every day MusConv pumps its capabilities and tries to make music migration simpler. That’s why don’t lose your chance to try it and add it to your list of favorite apps.