iHeartRadio Famil‪y‬

The popularity of FM radio as a cultural phenomenon has seriously declined in recent years, but many users still prefer to listen to music and news on their favorite radio stations. All of them have long migrated to the Internet, and therefore the presence of a telephone with access to the network gives us access to thousands of radio stations from around the world. The main thing is to have convenient software for listening to them.

iHeartRadio is one of the most popular radio listening software. It allows you to connect to more than 750 internet radio stations from all over the world. In addition to accessing music, the application allows you to listen to podcasts, enjoy news, sports and comedy programs. This application is perfect for those who, in addition to music, are interested in a variety of types of content.

 iHeartRadio Famil‪y

Among the advantages of the application are the presence of a mode for cars, which allows you to listen to the radio through the radio, the complete absence of ads, as well as support for Chromecast and Android TV. All this is complemented by the fact that you can download the program for free. The application has more than 80 stations with music for all ages.

You can remember how your favorite Disney characters sounded. There are even stations dedicated to various activities. You can turn on music to which the child will do homework, have fun or relax at the end of the day. Parents can choose which stations with music and stories will be available to children. The iHeartRadio Family app lets everyone in the family enjoy music and stories at once.

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If you want your child to dance, exercise and be active with music, this app is perfect for you. It has an assortment of music for singing along, education, exercise and dancing. The application has several instruments that you can play. There are also interesting games in which you need to burst bubbles and pick fruits. Children can also learn animal and vehicle sounds. It has a music section with an excellent collection, as well as various shows and instructional videos.

Select your child’s age for recommendations. After that, enjoy a wide selection of videos. If you log in with your YouTube profile, you can create separate accounts for each child.

Other iHeartRadio features include the ability to save audio files to a smartphone or SD card, support for Chromecast, AirPlay, and Android TV. Other benefits of the app include a car mode that allows you to listen to the radio through your radio, no ads, and support for Chromecast and Android TV. All this is complemented by the fact that you can download the program for free.

If you are looking for a program to listen to the radio through your phone, without in-app purchases and ads, this is definitely a top option.

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