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Imagine Dragons celebrate decade

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds tweeted that he has been untold for a year by working with loyal friends and bandmates for ten years.

The band released their last album, entitled «Birds», in 2019. It became very popular, several video clips were created for the singles.

Imagine Dragons

In addition to congratulating  friends and stating the fact of a ten-year love of the group, Reynolds’s post also included four teasers for the group’s new singles. This was a clear hint of the release in the near future of the new album Imagine Dragons.

The band’s official account says that two new singles «Follow You» and «Cutthroat» will be released on Friday, March 12.

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By the way, recently Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds donated childhood home in Las Vegas to LGBT people, an organization that is engaged in creating resource centers for such youth in several North American states. The frontman’s house is valued at one million dollars, with which he parted without much regret.

During the joint creative activity, the group managed to release several studio albums. The first of them, entitled «Night Visions», was released in 2012, and joint work on it began in 2011, just ten years ago. The indie group itself was founded in Las Vegas in a distant 2008. The group consists of four artists, and its name is an anagram, the meaning of which is known only by the members of the group itself.

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