In the Philippines, created musical instructions in an earthquake

What if an earthquake suddenly starts? 13 new musical instructions were included on the album entitled «Preparing for the Earthquake». This is the new album of the Philippine band «Teachers of The Nation’s Arts».

Each of the musical compositions tells about certain actions that are necessary in extreme conditions of a natural disaster. The musicians considered that modern people do not have much time to read, and they have already learned to simply consider pictures. That is why musicians submit information so that listeners can remember it quickly and easily. They believe that the song will be one of the ways to help. You can listen to it several times to learn the necessary information.

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The group launched project a few months after the massive earthquake on the islands, during which hundreds of people died. The group’s endeavors are supported by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology.

The Philippines is one of the most seismically active zones in the world. Over the past 400 years, the islands have experienced more than 90 strong earthquakes. Which led not only to mass destruction, but also to mass casualties among the population. Therefore, every Filipino should know clearly how exactly he should behave in an earthquake. The government hopes that residents will be interested in musical instructions for survival. Therefore, the songs of the group were included in a television project to prepare the population for natural disasters.

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