In which app can I download songs?

There are plenty of apps today that allow you to effortlessly download music. Come to think of it, some of them that are illegal can allow you to download music in just a few touches. But besides being illegal and having consequences, that also means artists and actors and filmmakers and authors don’t get paid for their music. 

Which they really should. And pirated content comes with other substantial advantages like viruses and spyware. So you’re much better off just downloading songs legally, which is what the industry’s first and most formidable service, Spotify, was established for. Its Free Plan allows you to easily and smoothly download songs you love and get the latest and greatest as soon as they come out. What’s not to love? 

Try it free

Spotify was invented to combat piracy, so it’s not exactly going to let you download songs for free without giving something back. But the good news is that for a price of a good cup of coffee you can get a monthly plan at $10 and start downloading premium content with no ads and better quality of sound in no time. 

Spotify’s free version allows you to try out the possibilities to make sure you’re in the right place and the love is all there, and then quickly and securely upgrade to a Premium plan. There are many more opportunities out there, like a $5 plan for students (learning is supremely important and should be encouraged!) and a Family Plan that allows you to share the joy of the world’s best streaming service with family and loved ones. You can find more on the site. 

Looking for help with issues, latest news, reviews, or want to transfer tracks to or from Spotify? MusConv is always here to help. Check out our constantly expanding blog section and keep regularly coming back, as we put out more and more premium-rate content to suit your needs. See you soon! 

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