Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Economy suggested the return of live concerts

If the concerts are returned, they will be held in compliance with medical protocols, with social distance and individual means of protection, as well as with the permission of the police and regional task forces to combat COVID-19.

Minister Sandiaga Uno on March 17 noted that a whole year had passed after the cancellation of the possibility of holding mass events in Indonesia. People are tired of strict restrictions, and the music industry is on the verge of collapse. He said that the Government of Indonesia had developed a special programme that involved a gradual step-by-step relaxation of quarantine standards and the return of the country to normalcy. «We already have a cleanliness, health and safety (CHS) program for creative and economic activities», the minister said.

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In Indonesia, mass events were canceled on March 3 of the previous year, when the first cases of coronavirus infection appeared in a multimillion-dollar densely populated country.

The minister also said that the meeting with General Listio Sigit Prabovo gave him confidence and optimism. The general heads the country’s Ministry of the Interior and heads the Indonesian police. He assured that the country’s police will do everything possible to ensure quarantine standards during mass cultural events.

Indonesia sought to vaccinate two thirds of its population within 15 months to achieve collective immunity. That’s 182 million people. The development of herd immunity is predicted by March next year.

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