Is Ableton Better Than Cubase?

DAW, or Digital Sound Workstation, is the bread and butter of people who work with sound, compose or edit music. DAWs are as much a source of creative inspiration as the virtual instruments they control, as well as the recorded and post-production sound.

For composers and music editors, software usually matters a lot. These people have to spend a lot of time learning a new instrument. Even with ubiquitous online courses, schools, colleges, and other initiatives, learning software takes hundreds, sometimes thousands, of hours. In fact, the most important thing is what we expect from the program.

• Price is the first factor, although many people start their adventures with pirated versions. It’s worth remembering that you can use trial versions.

• The number of instruments and effects offered. If you want to start with a complete set of sounds, look for one that has as many of them as possible.

• Interface – often after the first launch it seems confusing, immediately choose the one that you like.

• Popularity, it is known that the more the community uses the program, the easier it will be to get to know it.

Ableton was created with the idea of ​​performing techno music live and arranging on the fly. Today, this program has evolved into one of the dominant music production programs, not just electronic. Behind its success lies the transparency of the user interface, instilling convenience and ease of adding, automating and routing instruments and effects.

Is Ableton Better Than Cubase

Although Ableton stubbornly limits its product in terms of its ability to work on images or games. For music, especially electronic or purely synthetic music, you won’t find a better instrument. The Suite version comes with a colossal library of instruments and effects that are perfect for your experimental music. …

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As for Cubase, which was developed by German programmers back in 1989, it is considered one of the old-timers in the music software market. Over the years, the program has changed many versions, and has also established itself as an irreplaceable and reliable tool for everyone who writes or edits music.

This DAW will work with all operating systems, making it simply versatile. This program allows you to work very accurately on large projects where you need to create and export large volumes of various resources with one click. Cubase does not impose particularly strict requirements on computer resources, it is light, because it weighs in the basic version of several megabytes, is well equipped with built-in effects, if the resource of the equipment allows it, and at the same time it is constantly gaining new users. The reason for this is the relatively affordable price, lightness, stability, versatility.

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