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Is Aerosmith Still Together?

After a series of quitting, splitting scandals, and misunderstandings, the rock legend Aerosmith decided to get together in 2019 and celebrate their 50th anniversary with the farewell tour entitled ‘Aero-Vederci Baby!’ Does it mean that these guys are still together? 

Though you can still listen to their eternal hits on Apple Music or Spotify, the forthcoming plans of the band are still vague. Aerosmith announced its notorious European tour to take place in 2021. However, the Covid-19 pandemic which broke out across the world made them change their plans, and the tour was postponed until 2022. Nevertheless, in the summer of 2022, the situation with the pandemic didn’t improve much, so the group officially announced the tour’s cancellation. In their statement, they wrote that their European tour scheduled for June-July 2022 had been canceled because of the ongoing Covid situation and continued restrictions. 

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Even though the members of the band explained their decision by their care for the health, safety, and well-being of their fans, was it the only reason why they had to postpone (or cancel) the tour? Judging by the words of the group members, it was not the only one. For example, the band’s guitarist Brad Whitford shared his doubts about the ability of the group to perform live together. He is 69 years old now, and he has been playing with the band since 1971, so he knows all the issues his colleagues had to encounter. In his appearance on the interview series “Live From Nerdville” by Joe Bonamassa, he described the gloomy future of the legendary group. He called the plans of the tour a pipe dream. Brad explained his doubts by speaking about difficulties in getting work visas because of Brexit and, what is more important, the age of the group members has become a real factor to prevent them from performing on the stage again. 

Health can truly be an issue despite the keen desire of the rockers to come back. Earlier, in 2014, the band’s drummer Joey Kramer suffered from a severe heart attack, while another guitarist, Joe Perry just collapsed on the stage. Kramer was surprised by his health condition very much because he believed he was conscientious about his health, exercised every day, and didn’t mean to suffer from any disease. However, he admitted that they are not 25 years old and they could not play as many concerts as they used to do in the past. Steven Tyler could not sing two or three nights in a row because it was physically impossible for him. In addition, Kramer injured his shoulder in 2019, and his drumming technique had been problematic for some time.

Aerosmith members are striving to be together and play for their fans as usual. However, all they can do now is postpone their tours as they did in April 2020 with their Vegas residency performances scheduled for May and June. However, the existence of this residency, set in April 2019, where they even completed several concerts of the “Deuces Are Wild” before their postponement, speaks in favor of their being together. For how long – the time will answer.

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