Is Amazon HD Better Than Tidal?

Competition in the music streaming market is growing day by day. The reason for this was the struggle for subscribers, to whom various music streaming services offer more or less good conditions, offer a preferential subscription or high quality sound. But how does an inexperienced beginner who wants to thoroughly switch to music streaming understand all this diversity?

As already mentioned, one of the main competitive advantages in the competition of streaming platforms has become sound quality. And in this context, two music streaming services can be distinguished – Amazon and Tidal.

There are no more excuses for streaming bad music, which means low resolution and poor quality compression of music files.

Until recently, someone could say that high-definition streaming is too expensive or the music catalog is limited in this case.

Amazon Music HD is redefining music streaming by responding specifically to a segment of the market that is currently very substantial and eager to listen to quality streaming music, but complained about too high prices and a less substantial song catalog than low-resolution services.

How much does Amazon Music HD cost? A subscription to Amazon’s Hi-Res streaming service has a price that beats the competition:

• 9.99 euros per month for an individual subscription;

• €14.99 per month for the family plan, which allows you to connect up to six accounts to share with family and friends.

 Convenience increases if you decide to pay for the whole year in one solution, in which case the individual plan costs 99.00 euros per year, with a savings of more than 30 euros compared to monthly, while with a yearly subscription, the annual cost of the family plan will be 149.00 euros, in which case the savings are more than 40 euros.

After an initial cost of €14.99 per month, in May 2021, Amazon drastically reduced the price to €9.99, making HD streaming equal to an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription (lossy low-resolution streaming).

With these prices and features, Amazon Music HD neutralized the competition from Tidal, hitherto the undisputed leader in high-definition streaming, and prevented Apple Music HIFI Hires from entering the streaming market.

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Many people ask the question: “Which is better – Tidal or Amazon Music HD?”. To answer this question, we will have to take into account two aspects: the number of tracks in high definition and the cost of a subscription.

In terms of audio quality, both music streaming services are equal. Both also offer support for Dolby Atmos, an immersive sound encoding made for movies that is now making inroads into the music scene as well.

So the real competition is now on price: as mentioned, a single subscription to Amazon Music HD costs €9.99 and Tidal HIFI Masters costs €19.99. For the HIFI family subscription, Tidal only offers five accounts for €29.99, while Amazon Music HD offers six accounts for €14.99.

This way, Amazon wins you over and the savings become significantly larger when you choose the annual payment. But, according to music market experts, Tidal still holds the lead in sound quality. In order to understand the real difference in the sound quality of music, it is worth listening to the same song on each of these services, but only on good playback equipment. And immediately the difference will become clear.

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