Is Amazon Music Free With Prime In 2024?

For years, Amazon Prime has been a go-to service for people who love to shop online. It offers benefits like free shipping, access to exclusive deals, and even streaming movies and TV shows. In recent years, Amazon has expanded its offerings to include music streaming through its Amazon Music service. However, there has been a lot of confusion around whether Amazon Music is free with Prime. For a precise answer to this question, it is necessary to consider it in more detail.

But first, let’s understand how Amazon Prime differs from Amazon Music. Amazon Prime is a type of subscription to the company’s services that provides subscribers with some benefits. These include free shipping on select items, access to Amazon Prime Video, Prime Reading, and Prime Photos.


Amazon Music is a music streaming platform. It contains a multi-million dollar library of music and radio stations. This streaming service competes with the biggest music platforms around the world.

Many people assume that Amazon Music is included with an Amazon Prime subscription. This is partly because the company offers a music service called Amazon Prime Music. However, please note that this service is only available to Amazon Prime members in some of the most economically developed countries in the world. It is not available in other countries, but users have the option to subscribe to Amazon Music separately.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Amazon Music is not free with Amazon Prime. But it should be noted that Amazon Prime users can use the audio library, select music and playlists through Amazon Prime Music at no additional cost, but with some restrictions. For example, you will have to put up with ads, the number of passes will be limited, and you will not be able to listen to your favorite music offline without access to the Internet. But while Amazon Prime Music is more limited than the full Amazon Music service, it’s still a valuable perk for Prime members.

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For real music lovers who want to have access to the entire library, a separate subscription is required for an additional fee. Amazon Music offers two main subscription options: Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Music HD. As you can guess, the difference between the two is in sound quality. If you’re a music lover or a professional musician, you’ll love Amazon Music HD the most. This subscription tier offers high-quality, high-definition and ultra-high-definition streaming. If the mood and emotions from listening to your favorite tracks are more important to you, then Amazon Music Unlimited will perfectly satisfy your needs. By the way, both subscriptions have a free trial period. So, before switching to a paid version, there is an opportunity to try out each of them.

It should be noted that Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Music HD are separate services from Amazon Prime and are therefore billed separately.

So Amazon Music is not free with Amazon Prime. However, Prime members can access a selection of songs and playlists through Amazon Prime Music at no additional cost.

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