Is Amazon Music Free With Prime?

Streaming music lovers are increasingly turning their attention to the relatively young music streaming service Amazon Music. But for newcomers who have just become users of this platform or those who are just about to become a user, there are many questions that are sometimes not so easy to answer.

Is there a difference between Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Music? The world-famous music streaming giant, the Amazon platform, offers users two music services at once, each characterized by its own parameters. Wondering if there’s a difference between Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Music? Then study the features of their work.

The most noticeable difference between the two services is the number of available audio tracks. Amazon Prime Music has over two million records, and Amazon Music outperforms its competitor and peer by several tens of millions. It is this comparison criterion that should be considered when choosing a portal if you prefer to listen to little-known and unique music.

However, both applications have similarities. They allow you to download soundtracks offline unlimited times or click skips. These features are provided to visitors completely free of charge.

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In order to play tracks on the Amazon Music portal in unlimited quantities, you can use one of the available options:

• activate a free trial version for 30 days;

• pay for a monthly subscription.

It cannot be said that the company pursues a flexible tariff policy, since the cost of its services is static. If many leading music streaming services, such as Spotify, have a flexible pricing policy that takes into account the average income level in a certain country or region of the world, and the cost of a subscription can vary dozens of times, then this cannot be said about Amazon Music.

For students, a subscription discount is provided – $ 4.99 / month. But a student will have to document their student status in order to subscribe. The duration of the student subscription is no more than four years, it must be renewed annually. An Amazon Prime subscription costs more, at $7.99 for Amazon Prime subscribers and $9.99 for everyone else.

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