Is Amazon Music or Spotify better?

There is a ton of great quality functionality to be found at Amazon Music. With over 55 000 000 subscribers, it’s hard to underestimate Amazon Music’s significance. But should you go for Amazon Music or Spotify? 

Spotify is the world’s first music streaming service, in a sense, a pioneer. And pioneers deserve respect. Besides, it has hundreds of millions of more subscribers and it allows just about anyone to listen to its songs for free. 

It’s surprising how few companies allow mass access to free content forever. Are they afraid of something? It worked for Spotify though. In the case of Amazon Music, it only comes free with an Amazon Prime subscription. And that tells you a lot about who this service’s business model is designed to put first – the customers or the CEO’s bank account. We say create value for the client first and then charge them!

But anyway, let’s take a look at our options here.

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The industry’s first and still arguably the best, Spotify presents intensely pleasurable algorithms that will select music for you you instantly like or thought long forgot, lets you use its features completely free of charge, fails to deny you service based on your ethnicity, and gleefully answers your questions should you have problems.

It installs quickly and easily, and you have the company’s reputation backing your user experience all the way in this intricately thought-through UI for as long as you need until you decide to switch to more delicious plans that offer the opportunity to share it with 5 members of your family with no ads and better quality of music only for a handful of dollars. What’s not to love? It’s also an award-winning service and editor’s choice according to PC MAG. Knockout. 

Hit us up at MusConv if you need to transfer tracks back and forth between Spotify and other terrific systems out there. You know what to do. 

Amazon Music 

Amazon Music Unlimited is slightly cheaper (if you have Amazon Prime), has approximately the same number of songs (50+ 000 000), helps viewers find new music quite well although it doesn’t have as many tunable parameters as Spotify, but it’s not outstanding in terms of discovering new and exclusive artists and doesn’t offer so many customizable options. 

Should you try it for yourself and see? Absolutely. But our preliminary opinion is such (just like with Bitcoin) that the industry’s first is probably going to be your #1 (bet). Need to transfer tracks back and forth between Spotify and Amazon music and dozens more of the industry’s best streaming platforms? MusConv is always here for you. Happy trails! 

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