Is Apple Music better than Pandora?

Which music streaming app out there is the best? How do you know reviews don’t lie? Will you regret ever signing up? Today, there are so many music streaming services around it’s sort of a blessing and a devil in disguise at the same time. 

Just as it’s really hard to find interesting and professionally written content behind tons of mindless entertainment, it’s hard to find a music streaming service that is genuinely worth a try. 

You can still make educated decisions after reading guides like ours, which is a good strategy, and hence here you are trying to choose between 1) a service backed up by a globally known company with a huge name and some sky-high standards, and 2) a system that provided quality service for eons and still offers impressive packages you won’t find anywhere else. How do you choose? 

One of the best shortcuts to success is looking at user numbers. Pandora’s numbers regretfully have been steadily dropping for some time but is that because the US government is printing trillions of dollars and new giant companies with colossal capital spend tons on PR and marketing? Do user numbers truly reflect quality or are there diamonds in the rough hardly anyone knows about? 

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It’s worth taking a look at the other features too. Apple Music hasn’t actually been around for that long with only 7 years’ worth of uptime but in that short time, it has accumulated over 55 million songs in the library. Which is still less than some other music streaming services out there. By the way, it only works on Apple systems and doesn’t have a free trial like Spotify. Getting uncomfortable already? 

Pandora has been around as long as the world itself (since 2000) and it does offer a free account but not to all (achtung! Severe geographical limitations). There are also issues worth paying attention to like severe buffering (on some platforms and only some of the time though) and not exactly outstanding audio quality. Plus there are better music discovery options out there. 

In summary, if you lean toward sleek interfaces, performance although at a cost, and a rapidly developing dark horse of the industry, you probably want Apple Music. Want reliability, a long-standing rep, and prepared to put up with a little dated but sweet interface? Nothing beats a classic. Want to save yourself nerves, time, and trouble? Spotify. Yup, it’s that simple. 

If you want more advice or to transfer tracks between Apple Music and Pandora or dozens more music streaming platforms out there, MusConv has you back, whichever choice you make. But it’s probably worth free-trialling first. Just saying. 

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