Is Apple Music Better Than SoundCloud?

Today, you can choose from almost any of the music streaming services that are hospitably waiting for their new users. Music market experts say that in 2022 there are already about one thousand such platforms in the world. But the vast majority of them are little known because they represent regional or even national music markets.

In addition to a simple and easy-to-use interface, some subscriptions can cost the user less than $5 per month thanks to family plans that allow you to create multiple accounts within a single subscription.

It is also worth remembering that these services have the rights to play songs. This has contributed to fewer users illegally downloading entire discographies in download programs.

But the choice among world leaders is not easy. Consider the most popular streaming music services Apple Music and SoundCloud.

Apple Music Better Than SoundCloud

Contrary to what many might think, Apple Music works fine on Android smartphones. The big difference from its competitors is that the service does not allow the user to use the limited version for free. On the one hand, this significantly reduces the number of potential users of the music streaming service. But on the other hand, it makes it more profitable and allows you to invest in the development and implementation of innovative technologies.

Also, the good news is that new subscribers get three free months of using an individual subscription. If you are not interested in continuing to use the services after the promotion, be sure to cancel it before the expiration date. And the cost of the basic tariff for users is $9.99 per month.

SoundCloud is a German music streaming service that was created back in 207 and today is gaining popularity and new subscribers very quickly. It has a completely free version with restrictions in the form of constant commercial breaks and the inability to download music.

The base rate of the streaming service is similar to its rival Apple Music, but only for new users there is only one month of free trial.

An interesting possibility is that the service offers a “fade out” option. The effect causes the volume of the song to decrease towards the end, so there is less of a break-in feeling as the songs change.

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 In addition, the service has already become a kind of social network. You can also follow your Facebook friends in the app and check what they are listening to in real time. And you can also use the app to listen to and download podcasts, some even exclusive to the app.

For those who don’t really care about high quality music, but are just looking for a system that will allow them to enjoy their favorite albums anywhere in a practical and cheap way, SoundCloud is indeed the most interesting of the applications. Its extensive library combined with its intuitive and practical use makes the app a good choice and this factor is included in the subscription price.

Now, if you can’t turn down a quality listening experience in every detail of every song, Apple Music might be your best bet. While there are some initial difficulties adapting to the app, the listening experience is really good and the price for this sound quality is fair.

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