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Is Apple music better than the Amazon music app?

Let us compare two popular music streaming services such as Apple Music and Amazon Music, and try to answer the question: “Is Apple music better than the Amazon music app?

Is Apple music better than the Amazon music app?

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Let’s take a look at the Amazon app and its streaming service and then compare it with Apple’s product and make a conclusion.

So, not long ago, the portal introduced a new music service –Amazon Music Unlimited. It offers interesting features for owners of branded devices of the Echo family and a rich music library.

Due to manufacturers’ assurances, the number of music tracks exceeds 70 million. Unfortunately, it is not possible to verify this information. However, an agreement with three major music labels, including Sony, Universal, and Warner Music Group, suggests that the company is serious about competing with Apple Music.

The company focuses on the deep integration of the service with its proprietary voice assistant called Alexa. So, for example, a user can ask her to play her favorite songs or the most popular tracks of the month. But one of its most interesting features is the ability to search for music based on spoken lyrics.

The streaming is currently available only in the US market. The service is planning to expand to the UK, Austrian and German markets. The company does not comment on why the list of available countries is limited to the above-mentioned ones.

  • A monthly subscription for regular users costs $9.99.
  • For Prime members, the subscription price is $7.99.
  • The most competitive rate is available to Echo device owners at just $3.99.
  • A family subscription for $14.99 a month will allow up to six people to use the service.

As with most similar services, the first month of subscription is free.

Apple Music is one of the most popular streaming services at the moment because it’s built for all eponymous devices. For a fixed monthly fee you get unlimited access to the huge iTunes music library. Over 70 million songs are available absolutely legally. Moreover, Apple-branded radio stations are enabled to subscribers.

It works on a wide range of devices:

  • iPhone;
  • Apple TV/Samsung Smart TV1;
  • iPad;
  • Car Play;
  • Apple Watch;
  • Mac/PC with Windows;
  • Android;
  • Google Nest.

The main benefits of this streaming platform are:

  • The possibility to read the lyrics of composition while it is playing;
  • You are able to create your personal playlists or subscribe to existing ones;
  • The service always informs you if you are not connected to the Wi-Fi network, so, you can regulate your data consumption;
  • Free 3 month trial subscription period;
  • It is possible to play music offline.

The price of the subscription varies from region to region. Generally, the price for an individual subscription is $9.99. Student subscriptions cost $4.99, and a family subscription for six persons is $14.99.

In general, both Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music offer the same basic features.

However, Amazon Music Unlimited is a great choice for Amazon Prime subscribers thanks to an additional discount. Amazon Alexa users may also take advantage of this service.

But, if you use Apple products only, then Apple Music will be an ideal variant for you.

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