Is Apple music better than the Spotify app?

Nowadays the Apple Music app, as well as the Spotify service, are the most popular music streaming platforms. That is why it will be interesting to discuss the pricing of each application, the music database, broadcast-quality, and other features. This information will assist you in figuring out: “is Apple Music better than the Spotify app?”

is Apple Music better than the Spotify app?

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Music Gallery

Both Apple Music and Spotify’s paid packages give users access to large catalogs of music as soon as they join. Apple Music has a huge catalog of 70 million tracks. Spotify representatives claim they currently get access to more than 50 million tracks on the platform. In fact, every major artist’s songs can be found on both music platforms. It is possible to find there even Taylor Swift’s hits. Despite her recent feud with Spotify for several years, now she has returned to this streaming service.

The recommendation system

Spotify: Spotify’s recommendation system is legendary. The basic methods of discovering any new music are the ‘Discoveries of the Week’ playlists, where tracks are collected weekly based on user preferences. There is also a ‘Novelty Radar’ that collects fresh tracks that the user likes.

Furthermore, Spotify suggests different playlists based on genres and performers that users prefer to listen to. Even in the free version, unfamiliar tracks are occasionally played among songs from the library, and these tracks also suit to user’s interests.

Music fans often notice that the service is completely satisfies their music tastes.

Apple Music: The application also has its own recommendation system. You can find it in the “For You” tab. It mostly relies on the music genres and singers that the subscriber listens to, but also on the popular charts.

Many users have noted that they don’t often use Apple Music recommendations. They rarely discover unfamiliar performers or compositions, but rather suggest songs and albums by artists that are already in the collection and would have been discovered anyway.

Accessibility on devices

All services are available for iOS as well as Android devices.

However, Apple Music fits best with Apple technology. Siri can add and skip music on demand without contacting the device, and you might as well synchronize your watch. On any desktop, the service looks the same: you will be able to access the library by downloading iTunes and entering your Apple account ID.

As for Spotify, there’s a web music player available for listening to music on a PC and an application for a desktop too. Notably, the web music player is available even for persons without a Spotify Premium subscription and is much identical to it in terms of the features it offers.


Apple Music:

  • $9.99 per month for an individual membership;
  • $4.99 for student subscriptions;
  • $14.99 for a family membership.


  • monthly membership (one person) – $4.99/month;
  • Two-person subscription $6.49/month;
  • Family subscription $7.99/month.

It’s also worth mentioning that Apple Music offers a trial period of three months, while Spotify gives just one to try out. However, it is also important that Spotify gives users the option of using the service for free, and it is impossible with Apple.

The streaming quality

Generally, Apple Music broadcasts music to your ears at 256kb/s, regardless of subscription. Spotify shares audio quality depending on whether you have a paid subscription or not: 96kb/s or 160kb/s in the free version and 320kb/s in the paid version.

Obviously, the selection of a music application mostly depends on the personal preferences of the user, however, the information we have provided should help you make up your mind.

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