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Is Apple music better than Tidal?

There are a lot of new popular songs, and you can listen to them through many different music services. However, which one to choose and how do they differ from each other? Now we will look at two quite popular services – Apple Music and Tidal. Let’s try to answer the question Is Apple Music Better Than Tidal?

Apple Music: Sign up and appreciate its Pros

If you are the owner of an IOS device, you do not need to go through the process of registration: the platform will be installed on your device by default. However, it is not available for Android gadgets. It is also possible to install the application on your PC but you should install iTunes. After it, a short registration is required.

Is Apple music better than Tidal?

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Subscriptions versions

A three-month free trial is available, and then you have to choose one of the forms of subscriptions: individual for $9.99, family ($14.99), or student ($4.99). There is no free option, unfortunately.

Characteristics of paid programs

Subscriptions have some undoubted advantages, just consider them:

  • music content library consists of more than 70 million songs;
  • plenty of music for children;
  • the audio format is at a bit rate of 256 kbps, the same quality as the 320 kbps MP3 codec;
  • opportunity to listen to exclusive music creations;
  • censorship;
  • possibility to upload and listen to tracks off-line;
  • ability to sync up with different Apple devices.

It would be useful to know all minuses of the application:

  • there is no adequate web-version, so, you only have to download iTunes to use it;
  • very few settings.

Tidal: pros and cons of this popular service

This music platform allows its users to enjoy high-quality songs and exclusive new releases from popular world stars.

You have the option of signing up for Tidal with your Twitter or Facebook accounts. Alternatively, you can sign in separately. Access to the application will be available on all possible devices.

Subscriptions nuances

Before you start the free test period, you should choose a future subscription type. You can choose a Premium subscription for $9.99 or a Hi-Fi version (premium audio quality) for $19.99. Also, there is the option of a family membership. The regular Premium is $14.99, and the Hi-Fi package is $29.99. Moreover, there is a special student plan that makes any subscription 50% cheaper.

The main pros of paid offers:

  • over 70 million non-repeatable music tracks;
  • more than 250,000 videos;
  • AAC bit rate of 320 kbps with a regular subscription (better than MP3s);
  • lossless audio quality with FLAC/ALAC codecs;
  • live performance streaming;
  • exclusive music content from star owners of the service;
  • possibility to enjoy tracks offline;
  • access to all functions by various gadgets;

The only significant disadvantage of Tidal subscription is its high price, in comparison to other music platforms.

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Every streaming music provider has both benefits and drawbacks. Select the one optimal variant, due to your requirements!

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