Is Apple Мusic free now?

Thanks to streaming, the music industry has experienced a rise in recent years. Music streaming services that cannot be missed have invaded our daily lives, and this trend will intensify in the future.

The popular music streaming application Apple Music is today in second most popular place in the world. It has almost 70 million tracks in the media library, as well as tens of millions of subscribers around the world.

The service offers playlists for different moods and author’s selections from dozens of foreign and domestic curators (music publications and labels). The platform supports the function of compiling custom playlists that can be shared with friends by link. Registration with Apple devices is not required (if there is already an Apple ID), the service is installed on them by default. But the application clearly does not like to work with Android.

You can enter, of course, only through Apple ID, it is not always possible to register the first time, while the service sometimes slows down and flies out. You must then create an account or log in with an existing one. The first three months you can use a free trial. Apple Music costs about $10 a month, which equals the price of Spotify or Deezer. On the other hand, it will only offer a paid offer, and the free version will not be funded by advertising. As compensation, Apple offered a three-month trial period.

The platform offers classic features (radio stations, playlists, international ratings, etc.) And was able to develop its interface by adding Apple know-how. The service also offers a listening feature to search for your favorite songs or discoveries, as well as automatic playback based on recent listenings. You can also view lyrics and search using Siri.

Another strong argument is the ability to store your own library, a function that is often overlooked and offered by some players. Apple Music can store 100,000 songs. The company from Cupertino does not forget about Android, but is primarily aimed at users of iPhone or iPad. The service is really perfectly integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

When the three-month free use period ends, you will need to switch to a paid subscription. Thus, we conclude that the application does not exist in the free version.

Apple Music

If you want to cancel a paid subscription to the service, then doing it is quite easy. Your subscription list includes a subscription to Apple Music. Click Edit to change the settings. There, all you have to do is turn off automatic renewal. Confirm your wishes in a message that will then be sent to your email. For three months of free use, you will not be billed if you refuse a paid subscription during this period.

Since Apple Music uses only paid subscriptions, this to some extent hinders the development of this platform. But at the same time, it brings a much larger profit to the company than, for example, its competitors with free versions.

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So, unlike its main competitor Spotify or other services, Apple Music does not offer a free version, but you can use the three-month trial period for free. It’s time to make a presentation as part of a free trial before paying the $9.99 a month Apple asks for. There are no surprises, the price is medium, and the corporation from Cupertino thinks about both students and families. The former will be able to take advantage of a reduced rate of $4.99, while a family subscription for $14.99 makes it possible to access the service for a maximum of six people from the same family.

Another solution is an annual individual subscription for $99. A lucrative offer if you are sure that you will stay at least a year, as it allows you to save ($99 instead of 119.88 with a monthly subscription or two months of savings).

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