Is Apple Music More Efficient Than Spotify?

Among music lovers who are trying to focus their attention on choosing the best music streaming service, this question comes up quite often. And this is not surprising, because we are talking about two leaders in the global music streaming market and two bitter competitors. Apple Music and Spotify compete to be the most popular music listening service. But which one is better for users?

So, let’s try to understand in detail the question of which of these two services is best. If we talk about market leadership, Spotify is the leader. He has in the global music market, according to various estimates, from 31 to 36 percent, and Apple Music’s market share is from 19 to 24 percent. As you can see, the difference is quite noticeable.

The basic subscription to both services costs the same. A month of music will cost $9.99. However, Spotify has the advantage of a free, ad-supported version that you can use forever. But Apple Music does not have a completely free version. And this fact significantly reduces the chances of this streaming music application to take first place in the global music market. Also, it is the lack of a free version that prevents the mass subscription to the services of this platform in countries where the average income of residents is very low.

There is nothing surprising. According to statistics, Apple gadgets in the United States are used by more than half of the population, but in Eastern Europe they are used by no more than 10% of the population.

Spotify uses the AAC file format. In the app, the maximum bitrate is 320Kbps, while in the web version it is 128Kbps for free listening and 256Kbps for subscribers. Apple Music also has AAC at 256Kbps, but it also has lossless lossless support for select tracks, but its direct competitor has recently had it as well.

There are about 70 million songs available on Spotify, while Apple Music has over 75 million. Spotify makes up for this difference somewhat with an abundance of podcasts.

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The applications of both services have a user-friendly and clean design with an intuitive interface. Apple Music wins marginally with the option to search for a song by lyrics. But Spotify supports the convenient Car Thing service for listening to music in cars with Android on board.

Both services are available in applications for mobile gadgets, computers and browsers. But Spotify still wins this round with support for more smart speakers.

Apple Music is ideal for the Apple ecosystem, that is, it plays perfectly on all gadgets of the Cupertino corporation. Spotify also works great on them, but Apple Music is pretty controversial on the Android system.

To summarize, we can safely say that Spotify takes first place in the competition with its main competitor. But in this case, each music lover will make an individual choice, which largely depends not only on personal preferences, but also on his financial capabilities.

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