Is Apple Music the same as iTunes?

Many music lovers cannot still understand the differences and similarities between iTunes and Apple Music. Some consider both services simply identical, and some are sure that these are two completely different products, which are united only by the ownership of a corporation from California Cupertino.

Oddly enough, the truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle. Both products are really born by Apple developers. They largely go, but at the same time there are many differences between them.

Consider the basic first. Apple Music is a music streaming service that is among the leaders in the global streaming music market and is in second place in popularity. And iTunes is a virtual music store in which you can buy music, gift certificates, and so on.

Apple Music is a streaming service built into the iTunes and the Music app for iOS. However, the problem of local synchronization of data over the cable has disappeared, and all devices using the new creation called iCloud Music Library play music in real time or download music from the cloud for later use.


The Apple Music database does not completely match the iTunes Store database. Some artists sell their songs at a dollar apiece, but do not allow streaming for them as part of a subscription. This may change in the future.

Users can upload their own files to the iTunes, such as MP3. They are automatically sent to the cloud, and after the moment of synchronization, you can listen to them on all devices without loading them into the device’s memory. Of course, you can download and listen to them.

This is no doubt a great solution and one of the biggest advantages of Apple Music. This allows you to upload all copied CDs and songs purchased elsewhere to the cloud. By investing time and money, you can really have music in Apple Music that you would like to stream.

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It is possible that at the end of 2021 the iTunes will be officially closed. The purchase of tracks every day is increasingly falling into the background, and musical streaming comes to the front. The corporation from Cupertino does not hide at all that its priorities include the maximum growth rate of its own music streaming service. This is not only in keeping with the times (and the guys from Apple very subtly feel all modern trends), but is profitable. Moreover, Apple Music, unlike some other streaming services, involves only a paid subscription for its users. Today, music streaming is developing at a speed of light, which was greatly facilitated by the world pandemic, when almost the entire world music industry, like consumers of its product, switched to online mode.

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