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Is Audio Mack illegal?

In 2012, David Ponte and Dave Mackley launched their own streaming service. They were motivated to ensure the possibility for all artists to get a cost-free and unrestricted way of sharing their music.

Is Audio Mack illegal?

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So, they and their partners co-founded the service Audio Mack. This freemium streaming platform allows novice performers, who could not yet afford to cover distribution company fees, to upload their tracks to the streaming platform.

The founders of Audio Mack put the focus on finding artists who were looking for new listeners. To achieve this, the brand constructed and refined the service to develop as a free platform, monetizing the revenue from advertising. They also provided quality catalogs by introducing a playlist function and song ranking mechanism.

Since its launch, the application has become a hub for fresh albums, numerous singles, and nostalgic mixtapes. It is possible to find some unique features here that neither Spotify nor Apple Music could offer to their customers.

The majority of the streaming audience is young people under 35, and they like all the interesting features of the platform. But to date, there has been an expansion of genres on the service that will attract not only young people in the future.

From the moment of launch, the company has grown by 300%. That is why they have recently introduced a new kind of subscription which costs $5.

Many potential users of this lesser-known streaming service are wondering: Is Audio Mack illegal? The answer is no, the application is totally legal. The problem why many people think the opposite is that the product is narrowly focused.

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