Is Avid Better Than Premiere Pro?

A video editing program is just as important to making a movie as the hardware you use to make videos. Beautiful shots are useless if they are not collected and processed properly.

The most important stages of visual post-production of each film are editing, color correction and coloring, that is, color correction. Due to this, the film takes on a final shape. Only a comparison of the same film frames before and after processing shows the scale of the actual changes. Movie editing software can be expensive, so before you decide to buy, it’s worth learning about the best offers on the market. Of course, you can use a free program to edit movies., But in the life of each editor comes a moment when such a program ceases to work in certain areas. So, what paid program to choose for editing films?

AVID Media Composer is one of the most popular real-time video editing and editing applications. The program offers a number of opportunities that professionals praised.

The most important features offered by AVID Media Composer include a set of professional color correction tools, a high-quality green screen removal tool, and built-in support for P2, XDCAM, RED, and Quicktime formats. In addition, the editor offers the ability to send videos to popular social networks, image stabilization, support for hundreds of plugins and filters, and much more. The program is available in a paid premium version and in the form of a free application. A free application, as is usually the case in such cases, has a much smaller set of features than a professional premium version.

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Premiere Pro from Adobe is an extremely popular universal video editing program used by both professionals and post-production enthusiasts. A wide range of features and effects allows you to create impressive video products. Perhaps because of this, this program is often used in the production of Hollywood blockbusters.

The only option to purchase Premiere Pro is to purchase a monthly or annual subscription to access the app itself or the entire Creative Cloud suite. There are also attractive payment options for companies, teams, students and schools. The program is very often available at a promotional price.

Perhaps the only drawback of this program can be considered its high cost. It can be accessed only as a subscription – after unsubscribing, access to the program is lost. Also, the program itself may be too difficult for novice editors.

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