Is Beatport Good?

Being a DJ is not only about playing music by pressing the play button, but also a lot of terms from music production, such as beats per minute and many others. This shows us that being a DJ helps in making music, and vice versa, being a producer makes the job of a DJ easier. Note that all famous performers of modern electronic music are DJs and producers.

Being a DJ is a lot of skills, because first of all, a DJ must be able to choose songs well according to the situation and the mood of the listeners, he must be able to combine them into one whole so that there is no sudden break.

The American online store Beatport is an everyday source of music used by DJs around the world. The application allows you to use the Beatport database (which currently has about 16 million songs) at any time without having to download the song.

The offer currently includes three packages – one basic and two professional:

  1. The first one, which costs $14.99 per month, gives you access to the entire Beatport database. The user of this package has at his disposal songs in mp3 format, broadcast at 128 kbps, i.e. the standard frequency found in the basic versions of streaming services. As part of this option, we cannot save fragments in the application that we would like to have offline access to. Two more expensive packages allow you to do this.
  2. The cost of a monthly subscription to the second is $29.99. In return, we get access to the entire database, and mp3 songs are streamed at 320 kbps.
  3. The most expensive Beatport Link package costs $59.99 per month. The difference from its predecessor is that in this case up to 1000 pieces are available for offline use.

The service provided a free trial for each new subscriber. It lasts 30 days. At the end of this period, you can either continue to subscribe and use the service, or cancel it. If you have not started the paid subscription period, you can return the funds spent on the subscription.

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The proposed cooperation model has a number of advantages. First of all, the fact that the music labels that collaborate with Beatport receive royalties from the sale of mixes of record labels.

Secondly, DJs have some money in their pocket. And while the fact that Beatport also takes care of songwriting organizations doesn’t help DJs, it does make mixes 100% legal, eliminating the need to remove files from the web. This feature may seem a little pointless, but it is in the interest of copyright organizations that seek to stop free distribution of mixes on the Internet.

Of course, this service, in addition to many advantages, has its drawbacks. The most important of these is that DJs have to rely almost exclusively on tracks bought from Beatport. While other tracks may be included, they will not be included in the tracklist and of course the respective labels will not receive any royalties. In addition, some Beatport tracks cannot be used in mixes. The service system does not allow this, because, as a rule, legal issues with copyright holders have not yet been fully resolved.

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