Is BeatStars Free?

BeatStars positions itself as a free service that offers its users a fairly large set of features.

This statement is true, but only for the first 10 bits. If users want to get a full set of options, they will need to issue a tariff plan. BeatStars plans include a plan called MarketPlace starting at €9 per month and a Pro Page plan starting at €18 per month. In this tariff plan, users will receive the maximum set of functions.

Therefore, BeatStars can be called free only conditionally. If the user is selling beats at an amateur level, then the free plan is quite suitable for him. But for professional use, it is desirable to get a paid subscription with advanced features.

Is Beatstars Free

So, you’ve decided to try yourself on BeatStars and are already entering your bank card details on the site to pay for a subscription. But you can save a little.

It doesn’t matter if you are registering an account for the first time, or if you already have an account on BeatStars, with the help of a special promotional code you can get an unlimited tariff plan on the site without changing your bank card balance down. What are promo codes and where do they come from? It’s simple: BeatStars regularly collaborates with beatmakers who have an audience on YouTube or Instagram. The site asks the producer to tell its subscribers about it, and also gives a code so that new users can register on the site and explore its features without spending a dime. Many of them will then remain on the site, continuing to pay for a subscription, and this is the purpose of advertising.

In general, these codes are not some kind of system hack, but simply part of the company’s marketing strategy to attract new users, that’s all. Both new and old users can use promo codes, but BeatStars has introduced a limit to one promo code activation per account. That is, you will not be able to abuse this method in order not to pay for a subscription at all, although this method worked before.

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The activation of the discount occurs at the stage of subscribing. You need to go to your account’s subscription management page, and then click on the Upgrade Plan button. Despite the fact that this BeatStars discount can be used by both an old and a new user, there is simply nowhere to enter the desired combination of characters in an already paid account.

The only way out is to cancel the subscription. It is better to do this five days before the next payment, or even earlier. The main thing is not to cancel the subscription in the very last days before a new charge: this is fraught with the fact that your payment could already be queued and the system simply will not have time to cancel it. At the same time, this action does not cancel the subscription immediately, but only cancels the next payment, while the tariff plan itself will be active until the end of the paid period.

After activating the discount, you will be connected to a ProPage Plan subscription, and in the eyes of the site and other users, your account will not differ from everyone else. He will have access to all the functions that are provided for by this tariff: including downloading any number of bits, selling services and creating a separate website with a custom design.

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