Is Bensound Really Free?

Bensound is a site offering royalty-free original music to add sound to your multimedia creations without having to empty your bank account.

Behind the creation of the site, we find a young composer from France, Benjamin Tissot, who has been active for about ten years. The idea is simple: offer “stock music” for free, aimed at audiovisual content creators who don’t have the necessary budget to afford a regular musician. The only indispensable condition is to respectfully indicate the author in your projects. But this imperative is mandatory.

However, users who have already enjoyed the free download of licensed music content should be aware of the limitations of this free offer: You cannot use these songs in podcasts, audiobooks, in public places, music on hold, or in web ads.

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If this is your intention, don’t panic: you can always apply for an appropriate license, but in this case you will have to go to the cashier and pay the required fee.

The site offers around 80,000 licensed tracks covering almost every genre, from electronic to jazz, including rock, pop, world music, or even more cinematic vibes. In short, there should be something for everyone.

Using the services of this service, you can enjoy licensed music content for free. But only if you do not intend to use it for commercial purposes. If you decide to use music content in your video and place it on a video service, for example, on YouTube, then you are unlikely to succeed – the video hosting will not miss such a result of creativity and simply block it, indicating that unlicensed music content was used in the material.

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