Is Billboard Pro Free?

In the modern musical industry of the musical and entertainment magazine, Billboard plays a very large role. Every week, a new issue of this publication is released, which belongs to the MRC Media & Info concern.

In this musical and entertainment magazine, music lovers and everyone who is somehow involved in the musical industry can find out all the latest music news and the most relevant information from the world of music. The publication is considered very influential in the musical world.

The journal publishes the opinions of the main musical experts, relevant reviews of the music market, articles on the development trends of the musical business and much other information, which can be interesting to artists and everyone who is somehow connected with music.

In addition, Billboard is largely decisive in songs and artists. To get into the top 100 rating of this musical and entertainment publication is considered to be just a huge success for each artist.

In 2011, the magazine released a version of the pro, which became available to users after a long test of testing. This version has become a very popular service, which is distributed on the basis of subscription.

The popularity of Billboard Pro is due to the fact that here practically everyone who wants to keep abreast of the most relevant musical news can get all the necessary information. A special personalized music analytics, with the help of which artists and producers can monitor activity on social networks, the number of flow on music streaming services, the number of sales of a particular album or track, as well as other indicators of the activity of the musical audience.

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Based on these data, subscribers can analyze their successes or failures in the world musical industry. In turn, this information allows you to predict the profitability of certain marketing actions taken by an artist or label, develop new plans, control sales and broadcasts on musical streaming services and much more.

Billboard Pro also gives practical advice to artists and other representatives of the musical industry, introduces them to thematic research. In the package of services, information for subscribers about the trends of the global and national American music market, its key players and problems. The magazine is very useful for those who just take the first steps in the musical business and do not yet have the necessary experience for conducting an independent analysis of the musical market.

To obtain personalized information and design a subscription to the Billboard Pro, the user needs to have your own page in MySpace Music. In this case, each new user gets the opportunity to be a four -week free version. During this period, he has free access to all the functionality of the service. In addition, personalized information is generated on the subscriber’s personal panel.

After the end of the free trial period, the user will have to pay for the services of the service. The cost of annual subscription will be 131.88 US dollars. This amount can be paid disposable or pay monthly. To do this, when registering in the user’s personal account, the payment method is indicated and the bank card of the subscriber is referred to, with which the funds will receive for payment of services.

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