Is Blinding Lights in a movie?

Music is an art form that has existed for centuries. It was born with humans and helped shape who we are today. Music helps people connect to each other, enjoy life, and heal themselves when they need it most. 

Music is a common thread that ties together people of all different backgrounds. In some ways, it can be seen as the most important part of our lives. Whether you are at work or at home, music will always play a role in your life and has many benefits for your well-being. Some songs become undeniably popular because they combine high aesthetics, culture, and narration, and thus become nominated for awards and feature in grand movies. And some of them are so iconiс and cinematic they could probably constitute a movie of their own. One of these is “Blinding lights”.

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Weeknd’s hit single “Blinding Lights” is not a soundtrack for a film, but what you’re probably thinking about is this «Mercedes-Benz» commercial in which the musician is driving an electric car and asks the system to play his new song. 

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