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Is Botting Spotify illegal?

In every business, there have always been those who have succeeded through honesty and those who have used different tricks. The music industry is not an exception, as there are artists who use legitimate but difficult ways to achieve goals and musicians who succeed by any means.

Is Botting Spotify illegal?

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The Spotify platform also suffers from bots, with which users get more streams and attract followers. These users are confident that it is perfectly legal, will do no harm to anyone, and will only benefit them.

So, is Botting Spotify illegal, or is it possible to use this option to get more streams and followers?

You should understand that this method is illegal because Botting Spotify violates the rules and conditions of this music streaming service. The use of bots is detrimental to the entire music industry. Also, it is not fair to artists who put their music content on Spotify and try to promote it honestly.

Some users buy services from third-party apps that guarantee them a ‘safe’ increase of new subscribers and increased views. But today, Spotify identifies fake streams easily. If your playlists got 5,000 views in the top streaming cities in a few days and your other playlists have barely gained 20 subscribers in a year, this indicates that you have bought those streams. The same applies in the case of bot subscribers.

Spotify’s developers know all bot algorithms, and it’s only a matter of time before such users are identified. Remember that all suspicious activity will be regarded by Spotify as a violation of the rules and will definitely be punished. Among such restrictions may be the removal of your songs from this platform, your views that you have been gaining for years will drop to zero, and new ones will never be gaining again. In other words, you may become invisible to other users on the Spotify platform and some other projects.

Some musicians buy bots services to make problems for their competitors, so, their activity will be restricted, and they will no longer be able to promote their work on the platform. So, if you notice any suspicious activity, contact the Spotify support service immediately.

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