Is BTS Performing At The iHeart Music Awards 2022?

BTS will likely continue to dominate American music shows this year after performing at the American Music Awards in 2021. This is true even after the group was invited to the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2022 and successfully performed on this world-famous music show, becoming one of the winners of the honorary award of the American music streaming service.

BTS has been nominated for a prestigious music award. Music lovers and fans of the South Korean group became aware of this from the media on January 27, when the full list of nominees was published.

BTS Performing At The iHeart Music Awards 2022

There was no way the band could lose their first award if there were legions of their fans on the ballot. After all, BTS has a really good track record on American music shows. In 2017, the group made their first appearance at the Billboard Music Awards where they won the “Best Social Media Artist” award. A few months later, BTS was again invited to the US for the American Music Awards. The band performed their hit “DNA” as the show’s penultimate artist and went on to perform pre-recorded scenes with James Corden for The Ellen Show and The Late Late Show.

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Since then, South Korean artists have become mere regulars at the prestigious American music competition and have won the hearts of American music fans.

The South Korean group has become a discovery not only in their homeland. She became an explosion that riveted attention to her all over the world. Probably, today BTS are one of the most popular performers in the whole world. In April 2022, BTS once again found themselves on the red carpet of the 2022 Grammy International Music Awards. BTS attended the 2022 Grammy Awards in person in full force. There was a real threat that Jungkook would not be able to appear at the Grammys due to testing positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in the US, but his quarantine ended on April 2 and he was cleared to participate in the ceremony.

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