Is Bugs Music App Free?

The Korean music streaming app Bugs Music gives its users access to tens of millions of songs both directly from Korea and from all over the world.

The Bugs Music app has long and firmly occupied its share of the Korean music market. This application can even be called an old-timer of the market; it began its work back in 2011. But with the arrival of such global music streaming giants as Spotify and Apple Music in Korea, the situation for this service has deteriorated significantly. The service has significantly reduced the level of its profitability. A fierce fight for subscribers has begun in the South Korean market. The global giants of the music streaming industry immediately attracted the attention of Korean music lovers, who became their regular users.

But if somewhere it has become more, which means that somewhere it has become less. And there are fewer users of domestic Korean music streaming services such as Bugs Music.

The service is constantly updated and opens up new effective options. For example, the recently launched 24/7 feature is a new concept curation service that automatically selects suitable songs when the user constantly needs music in their daily life. Bugs manages the selection of songs and adds new songs every week so that its subscribers can always enjoy music that matches the situation and mood. The name of the service 24/7 means to be with music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the case of personalized stations, based on the listening records of the user, personal preferences are determined and the stations are provided. Users can enjoy music that suits them by composing a station by collecting songs that users often listen to and songs that match their preferred music style. In particular, all stations run 24 hours a day until the user stops them, which ensures uninterrupted streaming.

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The application is free in its basic version. There is also a premium version on this platform. But it is not as popular as the free version. The basic premium version costs 12,000 Korean won, which is approximately US$9.96. The subscription price varies depending on the set of options. The subscription price varies depending on how many songs a subscriber can download per month. For example, the maximum amount of 100 songs per month can be downloaded for 19,900 won or 16.5 USD per month.

The streaming service bills its subscriber every month on the 9th. Payment can be made using Korean or international bank cards. Payment is made in Korean won, so it may vary from month to month depending on the exchange rate of the South Korean currency.

If users buy a subscription through Google Play, then they will not be able to get lossless high quality FLAC streaming, they can only get normal streaming quality.

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