Is Cubase Good For Beginners?

Making music at home is now much easier than it was 20 years ago. Instead of a professional studio and a lot of tools, all we need is a computer with good software, creativity and a little knowledge. However, how do you choose the best home music maker? Music production software, DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), is used for both recording analog instruments, creating completely virtual sounds, and playing live on stage.

The year of appearance of the software for musicians, composers and arrangers called Cubase was already distant 1989. For more than 30 years, various versions of this program have become effective assistants for workers in the music industry.

But this software does not belong to the category of inexpensive software products and, besides, it is quite difficult for those who first encounter it. Therefore, the question arises – is Cubase suitable for newcomers to the music industry?

The effect the software developers have been able to achieve is an extremely stable, efficient and versatile music production program that can be found in almost every musical genre.

The program is available in 3 versions – Elements, Artist and Pro. For beginners, the Elements version will be fine, but each new version includes many more built-in effects, tools, and advanced features. It is worth adding here that it was Steinberg who developed the VST format, which is used by almost all DAWs in the music market.

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Cubase LE will be a slightly simpler version of the well-known program. This version has limitations on the number of tracks created and the number of VSTs loaded into one project. It is ideal for beginners who are just about to take their first decisive steps in writing music.

Beginners can also use a special version of Cubase EE (Education Edition) software. This version is suitable for those beginners who study in music educational institutions, their teachers to ensure the educational process, as well as, for example, churches. You can get this version of the program at the lowest price, but only on condition that the buyer can confirm the possibility of purchasing on preferential terms using documents, for example, a student card.

To summarize, this program is an old-timer in the world of writing music, it has been used by many, many musicians, perfect for both professional artists and beginners. But to master this software, you need to make an effort, because even its lite version is quite difficult to understand.

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